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Bible in 5 | Romans

This is Romans in 5.

You’re going to sin. But God’s got some Good News. You’re going to be saved, and you’re going to learn to fight sin. But you’ll still sin and when you do, what’s going to happen? God’s got more good news for you to keep on saving you! That’s the book of Romans!

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Romans looks like this. Chapter 1 verses 1-17 is the introduction. Paul says here that he’s an apostle and he’s writing all of this because of Jesus, and Jesus is God. And God saves people by the Good News, the Gospel. And people who believe the Gospel live by faith.

Chapter 1:18 through 3:20 is this – Everyone sins and no one likes God. No one.

As a matter of fact, they hate God. That’s what Paul says. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a Jew or a Gentile. This still applies to you. If you’re a Jew, you’re sinning in one way. If you’re a Gentile you’re sinning in another way, but no matter who you are, you’re a sinner and nobody likes God.

Now 3:21 through the end of the chapter is “God doing His Gospel.” HE does all the saving work. And the way he does it is the death and resurrection of Jesus. And he gives it to you freely.

Chapter 4.  Look, this isn’t new! This is how God has always operated. This is the way God saved Abraham and the way God saved David. God doing Gospel in Christ is not a new idea. So if you are in Christ, God is doing Gospel and you are in the same line as Abraham and David and you have their God. It doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, you are now included.

Chapter 5 is that this is justification ( which is what happens when God speaks His good news – He declares you right with Him) and justification actually goes back to Adam. So what’s happening is that not only are you included in Abraham and David, but this is actually going all the way back to Adam. And this has been the plan all along. This was the plan from. The. Beginning.

Chapter 6 says all of this was given to you through baptism! If you want all of this “God doing Gospel” stuff to come to you, guess how it comes? Baptism. And now that you’re baptized, you don’t sin anymore. Right? Now that you’re baptized, no more being under sin’s thumb! Free.

Here’s where we stand after chapter 6. Everything is good because we understand that we are sinners, God has done Gospel and gets us in the line of Abraham and David and Adam and we’re all justified and we’re baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection and as a result we are set free from being slaves to sin! And Paul is, like, this is so awesome! We’ve been set free from the Law and we’re not sin’s slaves anymore but…

In chapter 7 Paul says, but I still sin…as a matter of fact, I sin a lot and I I’m even more aware of my sin now than I was before. And so the reality is that even while God is doing all this Gospel to me, I keep on sinning. Part of me loves it. Part of me hates it. I’m a conflicted mess. That’s what Paul says in chapter 7.

Chapter 8 says, Yeah, but your sin never cancels out God’s grace! Look at what GOD is doing! God does Gospel and you can’t separate yourself from that love. Even if you are as rotten as chapter 7 says you are (and you are), you can’t separate yourself from what God is doing.

That’s the outline of most of Romans, chapters 1-8, and the most important parts.

The question in chapters 9 through 11 is this. If all this is true, why aren’t the Jews saved? If all of this is so wonderful, why aren’t the Jews believing it? Has God failed them? Or have they failed God? This is the question – the Jews rejecting Jesus. What are they doing? And what we’re going to learn is that God is so faithful that he’s going to use the Gentiles to bring the Jews back. Which is crazy!

12 is this. Now that you understand all this, let’s live as Church! We’re going to worship together, we’re going to serve each other, we’re going to see each other as one body. Not as some people more important and other people less important. No, we’re one body. Why? Because all of us are here because of the same reason. Because God does Gospel. And we need that because we sin a lot! Right? If you sin a lot, and I sin a lot, we’re equal. If the only good thing about me is that God loves me in Christ and the only good thing about you is that God loves you in Christ, we’re equal. No one is more or less important here.

Chapter 13 is that part of living this out is that you live it out in submission to authority. And here Paul says that authority is the secular government sometimes! The very government, Caesar, that is seeking to kill Christians! You have to submit to him. Because the same God who does Gospel has set up authority in this world. So if we trust him to save us, then we live under his authority even in this world.

14-15 is the strong serve the weak. So if you think you got all this licked, that doesn’t give you cause to look down your nose at someone else. It gives you motivation to make sure those who don’t get all this learn that God does Gospel.

16 is a lot of friendly greetings to folks back and forth – cause in Jesus we’re all family now. A final warning to watch out for those who try to sell you on another Jesus or another good news. A final explosion of praise of God who dreamed this whole thing up ages ago, told us about it in the OT, and now has fulfilled it in Jesus.

That’s the book of Romans in 5 minutes…ish. You sin, but God does Gospel. Now go read it, learn it, and pass it on.

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