Reading through the Minor Prophets for Lent

Some of the greatest prophecies of the Messiah and images of God’s love and mercy come from the minor prophets. Yet most of us would probably say that these are the books of the Bible we read the least often.

Well, this reading plan is meant to change that as it takes us through the entire witness of the minor prophets, culminating in their fulfillment as we read through the Gospel of John.

At the end of Holy Week in April, we conclude with the passion narratives from Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

Join us as we meditate this Lententide on Christ, our Lord, and His ultimate act of love for our salvation. And then pop over to our Facebook group, the Grokmoot, each day for a discussion of that day’s assigned reading.

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As I suffer, I suffer for Christ and I suffer for the Gospel, because God’s Word is final and when the Last Day comes I will stand with Him in glory. There is nothing that can change this course; there is nothing that can take that away from me. Even death itself, the only other inevitability in this life (unless Christ comes back first), Christ has conquered and transformed for my good. As a believer, death is but a rest as I no longer am assaulted by my sin or by Satan but am sheltered in His presence. No, not even death can take us away from the love of God in Christ Jesus! Amen.

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